Parent FAQs//

10 Things Every Wired Parent Should Know…

What time do I pick up and drop off my student(s) on a Wednesday Night?
Our doors open at 6, the service begins at 6:30pm, and pick-up begins at 8:15.

Can my kids eat at the church on a Wednesday Night?
We have pizza and drinks (soda) available for salefrom 6:00pm until the service starts at 6:30pm. $1 Pizza Slices, $1 Drinks and Candy

Are my kids safe?
We have a team of leaders whose sole job is to walk the area and keep your students safe. Our security team helps students stay in the designated area where middle school students are assigned that is separated from all other ministries in the church.

What do you teach my student?
At Wired, we focus all our teaching around the vision and mission of Crossroads Church.  You can find out more by going to

What is your PDA policy?
Our leaders are on the lookout for any inappropriate behavior. Middle school students are beginning to have boyfriends and girlfriends. Anything beyond hand holding is deemed inappropriate behavior.

What does average night look like at Wired?
On an average night in Wired your students will have a hangout/ game time from 6 until service begins at 6:30. At 6:30 students enter our middle school auditorium for our Wired gathering. Our gathering is an intentional mix of interactive games, skits, high-energy music, and a relevant life changing message.

How does your carpool line work on Wednesday Nights?
We have cones set up each night to help direct traffic. You can drop off your students at the front door where an adult immediately welcomes them and we ask that all students check in at our check in tables. At the end of the night you can pull up to the front door and tell one of our adults your students name. We will call them over a speaker that you are here. The reason why we take the extra steps with a carpool line is to make each Wednesday night as easy on you as possible. We know how stressful and hectic life can be, so we want to help you have a relaxing evening.

Where can I get updated information about Wired?
Our Wired page under students on our church website is updated on a regular basis. We also email a monthly newsletter (please email so we can add you to the email list). We post information and updates on our Facebook page as well, (search Wired Douglasville and click the like button to have information show up on your mini feed)

What are connection groups?
Connection groups are a time for students to connect to a leader and to other students. The groups are broken up into grades and gender. This time is filled with mingle and conversation starter games to get students comfortable around each other. Students are lead by one or two adult leaders who are trying to build community within the students.

Are their opportunities for me at the church while my students are in Wired? 
YES! We have an Adult Worship Experience that runs at the same time as our student ministry from 7-8:30PM. All of our ministries from babies to adults are fully active on Wednesday nights, so bring the family and enjoy your night at Crossroads Church.