Parent/ Guardian FAQs:

Things VELOCITY Parents/ Guardians Should Know…

What time do I pick up and drop off my student(s) on a Sunday?
Our doors open at 7:15, the service begins at 7:45, and pick-up begins at 8:45.

Can my kids eat at the church on a Sunday?
We have different items for sale each Wednesday Night in our Cafe. Students can select items ranging from 25 cents to $3. 

Are my kids safe?
We have a team of leaders whose sole job is to walk the area and keep your students safe. Our security team helps students stay safe and secure throughout the night. We always have a paid police officer on our campus during any event.

What is your PDA policy?
Our leaders are on the lookout for any inappropriate behavior. Anything beyond hand holding is deemed inappropriate behavior.

What does average night look like at VELOCITY?
Students will have hangout time in our area from 7:15 until service begins. At 7:45 students enter into our auditorium for our VELOCITY Gathering. Our gathering is an intentional mix of interactive games, skits, high-energy music, and relevant life changing talks and messages. Please wear what is comfortable to you (what is appropriate at school will be appropriate for us).

What are Small Groups?
Small groups are a time for students to connect to leaders and to other students. The groups are broken up by grade and gender. This is a time where students build connections with each other and Velocity leaders.  Students are led by two adult leaders who help foster an environment of safety and community. Your student can sign up to be in our groups at any service, our groups run before service from 6:45pm to 7:15pm. 

Are their opportunities for me at the church while my students are in Wired? 
YES! We have an adult service that runs at the same time as our student ministry from 7-8:30PM. All of our ministries from babies to adults are fully active on Wednesday nights, so bring the family and enjoy your night at Crossroads Church.